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We help business to develop-to export goods
for the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan

We accompany companies from the idea stage to the conclusion of an export contract

The main task of the Trading House

it is to maintain and develop the existing trade relations of the enterprises of the Republic, to maintain and increase the positions of the Republican producers in foreign markets through the implementation of mutual deliveries of different types of products. The range of products produced in the Republic of Bashkortostan varies from agricultural products to high - tech products, respectively, a wide range of products-from oil and petroleum products to high-tech developments.

Food supply

export of food products from local agricultural producers outside the home region


Supply of agricultural products to retail trade of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Chemical industry

Promotion of local chemical and petrochemical industry products to foreign markets

High technology goods

Assistance in the promotion of high-tech industrial goods to the markets of Russia and abroad

We help
to export



We offer you to get acquainted with the current activities of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the economy and export.

An agreement of intent with the Trading House “Traiding House of Pakistan”

An agreement of intent was signed with the trading House “Traiding House of Pakistan” (“Trading House of Pakistan”). The main purpose of the agreement is to establish reciprocal trade relations between enterprises of the Republic of Bashkortostan and Pakistan. The signing took place in the framework of the exhibition Pakistan Trade Expo Russia 2018 in Ufa.

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EEF-2018: a number of projects involving ASEAN countries in infrastructure, agriculture and shipbuilding are already being implemented in the far East

Within the framework of the Eastern economic forum, the Russia-ASEAN country panel prepared by the Russia-ASEAN Business Council under the RF CCI was held in Vladivostok.

As speakers were invited by the Vice Minister of Commerce of the Kingdom of Thailand Sakon Paranavitana, Vice-President of the CCI of the Russian Federation Vladimir Padalko, Executive Director, OOO SIBUR Sergey Komyshan, Minister of planning and investment Nguyen T. dung, extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines in the Russian Federation Carlos Sorreta, acting Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev and country. the Moderator of the panel was the Chairman of the Business Council Russia – ASEAN at CCI of the Russian Federation Ivan Polyakov.

A number of projects involving ASEAN countries in infrastructure, agriculture and shipbuilding are already being implemented in the far East. The topic of discussion was the search for new areas of mutually beneficial cooperation between the Far East of Russia and the member countries of the Association.

In his speech, Vice-President of the RF CCI Vladimir Padalko noted that the Chamber is sensitive to the wishes of Russian business and responds to its requests. Suffice it to note a noticeable increase in the number of business missions from Russia to the region. As for the ASEAN countries, there are 2 obvious trends in this direction. First-partners, seeing the great potential of our country, are actively developing business relations with Russia, not paying attention to Western sanctions. Second, the activities of small and medium-sized enterprises in the ASEAN sector are gaining momentum.

This applies to the production and sales of food products, IT-technologies, e-Commerce. The chamber, for its part, is ready to make every effort to create a comfortable business environment by connecting the existing opportunities for organizing and conducting round tables, seminars, business missions to ASEAN countries, exhibitions and fairs in Russia.

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Franchising in Russia: the driver of development of territories

From 10 to 12 September, Expocentre Fairgrounds hosts the first all-Russian conference on franchising franchising In Russia: a driver of territorial development.

The Plenary session was organized by the RF CCI together with Expocentre JSC and EMTG with the support of the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia, Russian export center JSC and the Russian franchising Association.

The purpose of the conference is to promote franchising as an optimal mechanism for opening and conducting successful domestic business for the development of the economy of the territories, the creation of additional jobs, the expansion of the tax base.

It is held simultaneously with the 16th international exhibition of franchises BUYBRAND EXPO 2018, which is one of the most reputable platforms in Eurasia in the field of franchising, attracting hundreds of brands and thousands of investors from around the world.

The plenary session was attended by Vice-President of the RF CCI Maxim Fateev, Deputy Director General of Expocentre Mikhail Tolkachev, representatives of the Federal legislative and Executive authorities, heads of regions, local governments, entrepreneurs from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Russian regions, experts in the field of franchising.

The plenary session was moderated by Igor Korotin, Director of the Department of exhibition, fair and Congress activities of the RF CCI.

Conveying the greeting of the RF CCI President Sergey Katyrin to the participants, Maxim Fateev noted that today franchising is actively developing in Russia, there are interesting trends that emphasize the role and prospects of this movement.

Development of franchising business in the regions is one of the main trends of recent years. According to Maxim Fateev, this is due to the fact that business has experienced all the advantages of this way of doing business. Franchising today-a phenomenon characteristic of the economy in a difficult period. Now stress-resistant business models are in demand, capable even in a difficult period, if not to generate super-profits, then at least to maintain savings and bring a stable income.

Competition in such segments as catering, services and partially retail trade in Moscow and St. Petersburg has reached, if not the peak, it is on the way to it. Of course, Maxim Fateev believes, there are still relatively unfilled niches in the capitals, but still the focus of most large franchise networks is shifting to the regions.

According to the Vice-President of the Federal chamber, the Russian franchise (“Myasoroob “(Novosibirsk),” DO-do pizza “(Syktyvkar),” bread from tandoor ” (Anapa) and many others.) have become not just competitive in the fight against foreign players for market positions. They have acquired their own tools, which are in no way inferior to Western counterparts, and in some ways surpasses them due to a deeper understanding of the specifics of the Russian market and the Russian consumer.

Import substitution becomes really noticeable if you look at the retail market: franchising models actively displace and replace imported products in shops and restaurants, finding new sales channels and finding new partners in the regions, said Maxim Fateev.

The development of the franchising market has formed another trend – the growth of competition of domestic franchises leads to an increase in quality.

Based on the current situation in the market, we can identify the main trends in the development of franchising in the regions of the Russian Federation for the next few years, drew the attention of the audience Vice-President of the RF CCI Maxim Fateev. This, he believes, is a prerequisite for the active development of the catering segment, the production of light industry goods; products for medical diagnosis, benefits for education (especially preschool), as well as other necessary services for the population of everyday demand.

In conclusion, the Vice-President of the RF CCI Maxim Fateev stressed the need to focus on the emergence of franchising in the industry. The main driving factor in the development of franchising in the regions is competition with Federal companies, which can compete in the presence of a strong brand and established standards of service, he concluded.

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Alexei Mayorov believes that franchising is one of the forms that gives the entrepreneur confidence in the implementation of the project. The task is one-to apply the experience to achieve the success of the enterprise.

The topic was continued by Dmitry Sazonov, Deputy Chairman of the state Duma of the Russian Federation for economic policy, industry, innovative development and entrepreneurship. In his opinion, one of the strengths of starting a franchise business in small areas of the country is low start-up capital, as well as the lack of legal and technical problems.

Head of the Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of the Moscow Government Alexei Fursin noted that today in Moscow about 750 thousand entrepreneurs. Of these, 40 percent work on a franchise in the capital-it is 500 brands and 200 thousand employees employed in enterprises, he stressed. Franchising now, in his opinion, is a system that allows you to get away from the initial risks and keep the business.

Dmitry Makeev, Director of inter-regional communications, REC JSC, spoke about the tools for promoting domestic franchising brands to foreign markets and existing programs to support entrepreneurs interested in exporting their products.

According to the representative of the Russian franchising Association, General Director of “Academy of franchising” Michael Feinberg’s the most important aspect of franchising development in Russia is the education of business scaling, development of franchises and the formation of a franchise package.

About agroprocessing as a promising mechanism of business development in the region, said Advisor to the head of Department of investments and development of small and medium enterprises of Krasnodar Krai Christina Silchenko.

Also at the event were the founder of the company “Hemotest” Rudem Gaziev, co-founder of “Kitchen Maria” Efim Katz and other experts who shared their experience of creating their own brands and their further promotion, including using the franchising mechanism.

The business program of the Conference included sessions “export potential of franchises” and “success Story or how to do business in Russia”.

The press service of the RF CCI, A. Savenkov
Department of exhibition, fair and Congress activity, A. Maksimov

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The goals of creating a trading house “Product of Bashkortostan”

The Trading House was founded in 2016 to promote the products of Bashkortostan enterprises to foreign markets and markets of Russian regions. The founder of the Trade House is the Union “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Bashkortostan”, whose activities are regulated by the federal law “On Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation”.

The main task of the Trade House is to maintain and develop the existing trade links of the republic’s enterprises, to preserve and build up the positions of the republican producers in foreign markets by implementing mutual deliveries of various types of products. The range of products produced in the Republic of Bashkortostan ranges from agricultural products to high-tech products, respectively, the range of products offered, from oil and oil products to science-intensive products, is quite wide.

The main activities of the Trading House “Product of Bashkortostan”:

Export outside the home region of food products of local farmers;

Deliveries of agricultural products to the retail trade of the Republic of Bashkortostan;

Promotion of local chemical and petrochemical industry products to foreign markets;
Assistance in promoting high-tech industrial products to the markets of Russia and abroad.

Objectives of creation
One of the goals of creating the Trade House “Product of Bashkortostan” was the development of economic relations between Bashkortostan and external markets. The intensive increase in the capacity of the producers of the Republic of Bashkortostan necessitated the expansion of sales markets. Despite the fact that the initial priority export region was the domestic market and the countries of the near abroad, in the future the economic presence expanded to other regions, including to the Asian markets. Thus, the activities of the Trading House are carried out through an extensive network of representatives in the form of regional representatives to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry around the world.

In addition, the Trade House assists the producers of Bashkortostan in organizing their participation in various trade shows held in the countries of both the near and far abroad.

Export opportunities
Trading House “Product of Bashkortostan” using in its activities, including opportunities and services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Bashkortostan, gives its partners the following opportunities when delivering goods to foreign markets:

– access to new markets through the partners of the Trade House in the regions of interest to the exporter, using established links with the Trade Houses of other regions for this;
– presentations of the products of producers of the Republic of Bashkortostan at exhibitions and other events where the Trading House participates;
– search for partners for marketing and supplying products that meet the requirements of the partner of the Trading House, using its own database of Russian and foreign counterparties;
– at the request of the commodity producer, transaction support on an agency basis, which implies:
organization and conduct of negotiations, business correspondence with potential counterparties, including in English and Arabic;
– assistance in solving customs, logistics and financial issues arising during the transaction;
– support in resolving disputes, including in legal proceedings abroad.
– assistance to small and medium-sized farmers in the sale of products on the market of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

It’s no secret that small and even medium-sized businesses often experience difficulties in selling their products to the public. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer does not have its own network of shops, and the threshold for entering the trade networks is quite high. Using its agreements with trade networks of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Trading House can combine the volumes of several commodity producers by realizing them on its own behalf, thereby achieving the necessary profitability threshold for transactions.

In addition, employees of the Trade House carry out assistance in the framework of cooperation agreements for producers in obtaining certificates “Halal”, issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

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